FunkFest 6 is Here!

FunkFest 6 is Here!

Just a couple more days before FunkFest 6!  Zombie University is celebrating it’s 5th year of involvement with FunkFest this year!  We’re excited to be playing right before the Mummies hit the stage from 9-10PM.  Also, if you haven’t seen Here Come the Mummies yet, you need to stop what you’re doing and re-evaluate your life. It all goes down on February 28th in Downtown Punta Gorda.  Catch us at Dean’s South of the Border on February 27th if you don’t have tickets yet!  We’ll have them available for $17.00 per ticket.  Cheaper than the...


Can You Hear That? They’re Coming…

Zombie University is proud to announce that it will again be the house band for the third year in a row at Funkfest 5! Funkfest has been getting better and better every year, and this year is no exception! We’ll have live performances from Cover Art, The Boogiemen, Black Taxi, and of course, Here Come the Mummies! Not to mention, Zombie University be playing in between each act on the second stage for a total of three brain-rocking hours of music from yours truly! Special thanks to Nick and Matt Nemic for putting together this amazing community-building event right here in Punta Gorda. Our hats (and brains) go off to you guys! Bigger stage, bigger sound, bigger performances than ever before! See your favorite zombie for information on getting...

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Happy Birthday Zombie University!

I can’t believe it’s been two years since Zombie University came to be!  Wouldn’t it be amazing if our culture somehow recognized annual events and held some sort of celebration each year to commemorate the initial date that it came to be?  That would be so much fun… Well, you know what?  We’re going to start a new trend.  We’re going to start celebrating for every year that Zombie University exits!  Who knows, maybe it’ll catch on and other people will start celebrating like… the day they were born or something.  On second though, nah, that would be tacky.  But ZU being on the scene for two years, now that’s worth a celebration! We’re in cahoots with Porky’s Roadhouse this year, and we’ll be having a big ol’ Zombie bash there on July 20th!  Not only that, but we’re in talks with some other local bands and talent, and we’re going to be bringing them up on stage for an open jam party!  Details on special guests will be announced!  Decorations will be put up, dancing will be mandatory,...

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TT’s (The Tiki) Bar on Charlotte Harbor

“If you’re not here watching Zombie University play live you are missing one of the best shows I’ve seen !!!”

Ron Bates

via Facebook

“Thanks again to Zombie University for putting on a great show at Celtic Ray last night as well as supplying your sound engineering expertise to Black Taxi’s show”.

Dean’s South of the Border

“There’s always a party going on at Dean’s South of the Border especially when Zombie U is in the house! Our house band, ZU will Rock your brains out! We love, love, love these guys and Nom has a special place in our hearts!”

Tammy Guire

via Facebook

“You guys completely made our girls night out FUN!! We saw you at Harpoon Harry’s a couple weeks ago. It was a blast. You guys were so good, I almost thought the DJ was playing and was actually you guys. The song selection was really fun and you guys just kept it going. Keep up the great work”.

Jacky Seale DePoma

via Facebook

“Great Band. Best I have heard in a long time!”

Dan Cox

Saint Credible

“Zombies ROCKED THE HOUSE in Punta Gorda!!! Yeah!!!”

Amy Michele Elzey

via Facebook

“we had a blast last night. You rocked the place last night!!! Can’t wait to see you again”.

Loren Berry

The Crashers

“Great show last night! You guys rock! Carolyn & I Loved it. Just wish we could have stayed longer. Next time we will. AWESOME!”

Angel Ranea Schliska

via Facebook

“I very much enjoyed your show. So much diversity with music. I sometimes fall in love when I have been drinking, and ya’ll stole my heart ♥ I will be looking forward to your next Punta Gorda performance!”

Lorianne Callahan

via Facebook

“went to the funkfest in punta gorda and thought you guys were the best band there!! looking forward to seeing you guys again!”

Scott Perkins

via Facebook

“Thank you for making our engagement so special last Thursday at Deans South of the Boarder…. Lori Ann Mayberry and I Scott Perkins love you guys… your so awesome…. Can not wait until you guys com back in June…..”

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